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Client Centered Care

Meet the Team

Our Family Supporting Your Family In Person or Online.

Jessica Blake is a

Registered Psychologist and

Certified Sex Therapist

in Edmonton, Alberta.


She believes in a clear, direct,

no-nonsense approach to life,

life’s challenges, and

when working with clients.

Yet, she also understands the power of humour and believes that

counseling can be fun. 

Learn More About Jessica Here

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Kassie Magyar is a recent graduate from one of the most prestigious child learning and development programs in Western Canada

Having worked in the public education system directly with children and adolescents, Kassie has an innate ability to connect with her clients and understand their individual needs.

Learn more about Kassie here.

Kassie Magyar Registered Provisional Psychologist

Andreea is a Registered Provisional Psychologist under the supervision of Jessica Blake.   With a warm demeanour, Andreea works to foster a compassionate and safe atmosphere when working with individuals, youth, and couples.

Learn More About Andreea  Here


Taylor is an outstanding

Registered Psychologist, with a highly keen sense of intuition, and an indomitable energy for

helping others, including:

Individuals, Couples, & Families.  

Learn More About Taylor Here

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Shillon is a dynamic and enthusiastic student clinician, with  a wealth of diverse professional and personal life experiences. Being a mature student with a multifaceted background, Shillon easily connects with many different types of people. She creates an environment for healing that is warm, non-judgemental, and accepting. 


Learn More About Shillon Here

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Let's Create Meaningful Change Together Now!

Client centered care is about putting your needs first:

  •  effectively developing personalized care plans for you

  • supporting you, your growth and relationships

  • creating customized support and counselling solutions

  • advising in relationship & marriage counseling

  • guiding childhood learning and development

  • even assessments like ADHD, Autism, etc.


  We're here to help!!

Spirit of Blake

Here To Support Your Mental Health And Psychological Well-Being Of Yourself, Your Relationships,

And Your Family

We Believe

At Blake Psychological we strive to help you Live L.A.R.G.E., learning to Love and Laugh again. We  help you learn new strategies to Accept, Acknowledge and Resolve negative thinking patterns with Resilience. We help you to find Gratitude, to help you Grow, Evolve and create positive goals for the future. We do this with Empathy and the knowledge that life always presents new challenges, new risks, new opportunities for growth, and new adventures. Let’s tackle whatever lies ahead together! 

Our vision for the future includes integrated networks of care and support for every person so that we can all learn to collaborate, learn and grow together. We believe that every person is entitled to mental health access and support, so that we can all become the best version of ourselves, and that no one needs to do it alone. To achieve this goal, we value respect for every person, believe in personal autonomy, care, connectedness, and compassion, transparency security, and teamwork.

Picture of the city of Edmonton because we are a psychologist near you in  Edmonton

We are Edmonton Based

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