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Psychological-Educational Assessments

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What are Psycho-Educational Assessments

  1. Best way to a gain a full, complete understanding of someone’s cognitive functioning, academic achievement skills, and behavioural and emotional regulation.

  2. Done right, assessments are worth their weight in gold, and offer valuable information to assist in diagnosis, planning and treatment, therapeutic goals, and increase the chances of success for counselling outcomes and academic achievement.  

  3. Provide definitive feedback and prevent the need for “best guess” diagnosis and treatment. For example, children who act out in class are diagnosed with ADHD, when they may be acting out to “cover up” a hidden learning disability.

  4. Can save time, energy, frustration and money in the long run, by ensuring resources are not spent in non-effective areas, or wasted on “best guess” diagnoses.

What do Psycho-Educational Assessments Provide?

  • A clear “snapshot” of cognitive functioning.

  • A clear understanding of academic skills.

  • Distinct picture of behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses (if any).

  • Provide a clear diagnosis if one is needed.

  • Provide access to specialized programs, accommodations and learning plans in schools and university.

  • Provide recommendations to support any weaknesses found to ensure an individual receives the right assistance they need. 

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Book a Session

Assessments are a deeply personalized and customized service. Please "Contact Us" to review the needs for yourself or your child, any of your concerns, and the reasons for the assessment. We want this assessment to be as effective and useful as possible for you or your child!


This is your opportunity to ask us any counselling-related question to better help you make an informed decision about therapy, including helping you to determine whether we are the right counsellor for you.  Coming prepared with some questions can help you get more out of your consultation. This time is also a chance for you to experience our office space and see whether you feel comfortable there.

All Assessments are in Person.


Please contact us for your assessment needs and a quote.

All psychological service rates are set by the “Psychologists’ Association of Alberta”.

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