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Get to know Jessica and Taylor through their Vlogs.

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Who is Jessica
and Why Would You
Work With Her?

Stigma Around Mental Health

Sexual Fantasies.... is it just you?

The more we chase happiness the less and less happy we will be....

Thoughts in and of themselves are meaningless, it's the body that gives thoughts meaning.

Trauma is stored in the Body... because the body protects us.

On Communication and Reassurance

What happens when I Love You isn't good enough?  How do we provide reassurance in a way our partner can accept? Read more about Communication and Relationships on our Blog Page.

What Does Growth Mean Anyway?

There is so much talk about growht.  Find out what they don't tell you about growth in my  Blog What the Hect Does Growth Mean Anyway!

Can You see the Paradoxes around you?

What Kind of Plant are you?

We can help on your journey to find out.

Mother Nature is a Good Teacher

She is always full of growth and change and there is always a balance

Obstacles on the Road of Life

What do you do when faced with obstacles?  Are they just terrible or ...?

What about Bigger Obstacles?

Different kinds of Coping

Approach Coping Mechanism 


Avoidance Coping Mechanism

On Calming the Mind Through the Body

Mistakes and Risk Taking

Making mistakes help you to learn and grow.  Read more about growth in our Blog "You've Changed"  Get out there and make mistakes!

Mistakes and Risk Taking 2.0

Mistakes Aren't All That Bad

“Mistakes aren’t all that bad—they actually force you to grow. Are you too afraid of making a mistake that it stops you in your tracks? Read more about growth in our Blog "You've Changed

"I Shake My Head in Disbelief 

Over All My Self Inflicted Grief

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